11/12/21: Shabbat Shalom From Interim Executive Director Nora Gorenstein

Dear Friend, 
As we prepare for Shabbat and this week’s Torah portion, Vayetze, are we responding to challenges the same way our patriarch Jacob does in the parsha? I am inspired by the interpretation from Rabbi Aharon Loschak:

“Jacob was a visitor with a fresh perspective, able to challenge the status quo and ask: Who said? You’re so used to repeating that over and over again, you have all accepted it as truth. But maybe it isn’t? Maybe you can move the rock, if you only tried?”

Although Jacob’s situation is much different from our own, the challenges our community continues to face still require us to think creatively.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our synagogues, Jewish day schools, social services, and education programs have approached new challenges not with the mindset of “it has never been done” but with conviction and the belief that we can find solutions: AND WE DID!

We are thankful to you and all of the members of our community for being part of the necessary change to meet today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s unknowns.

Next week, our Community Partner Highlights Series will resume! This video series will continue to introduce the partners we support through the Annual Campaign, grants, and other community resources and programs. Is there a particular community agency you’d like to see us highlight next? Let us know!
If you are interested in getting involved or sharing your input, please reach out at any time.

Shabbat Shalom,

Nora Gorenstein
Interim Executive Director