About the Jewish Endowment Foundation

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The Jewish Endowment Foundation (JEF) was established in 1972 to maintain funds for the benefit of the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts’ (JFWM’s) Annual Campaign. The Endowment Foundation is the planned giving division of the JFWM. Donors established Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) Funds which provide an ongoing annual income stream to JFWM.

Over the years, our role has expanded to provide funds not only for the benefit of the Federation, but for local Jewish organizations in Western Massachusetts. JEF also has a variety of funds that provide money for Scholarships, Israel Study & Travel, Jewish Education, Professional Development, Missions, Social Justice, Holocaust Education, and Israel. It’s Unrestricted Funds both support JEF’s operations and provide grants to local organizations for a variety of purposes through a grants process.

JEF’s Anna P. Housen Fund for Israel provides grants that support programs to benefit children at risk in Israel and for programs that promote peaceful coexistence. It is also the primary funding source for the Anna P. Housen Israel Desk through which the Israel Emissary Program operates.

Since 2008, Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) and JEF have partnered on the Create a Jewish Legacy Program (CJL) of Western Massachusetts. CJL is an educational program for agencies and donors focusing on the importance of legacy giving. For agencies/synagogues the CJL program provides training on asking for legacy gifts, tracking and stewarding those gifts. For donors, CJL provides assistance in creating legacy gifts.

For more information about the Jewish Endowment Foundation, contact CEO Nora Gorenstein at ngorenstein@jewishwesternmass.org.

Did you know…

  • Unrestricted Funds of the Jewish Endowment Foundation (JEF) provide grants to local organizations for new programs and for programs at risk, as well as other community needs.
  • Federation’s Annual Campaign begins each year with over $100,000 from Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Funds (PACE).
  • JEF makes over $1 million in grants to local Jewish organizations and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States on an annual basis.
  • None of this could happen without the donors who planned ahead and established funds at JEF! They invested in what they believe in, and YOU CAN TOO!

Types of Funds:

Unrestricted Funds: Gifts to the Unrestricted Fund give JEF the flexibility to make grants to local Jewish organizations through a grants process, or in response to emergency needs. These funds are critical to the ongoing health of our Jewish community.

Designated Funds: Whether you want to establish a fund that is dedicated to a specific organization, or for something as broad as leadership development, Israel study or travel, or Jewish education, we can help you come up with a plan that meets your philanthropic needs.

Donor Advised Funds: Do you have appreciated stock, or are you expecting to sell a business or real estate? Do you want to make a contribution, but you’re not sure to which organization? A donor advised fund could be the answer. You are eligible for a tax deduction when you make a contribution to the fund, and you can make recommendations regarding what charities will receive distributions from the fund when you’re ready. 

Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowments (PACE): The Federation relies upon Annual Campaign contributions to provide money for the local Jewish community as well as programs in Israel and 70 countries around the world. We currently have 28 PACE Funds generating $100,000 to the Annual Campaign each year from donors who planned ahead. You can start a PACE Fund with $5,000 or join one of our endowed giving societies below. You don’t even have to fund it during your lifetime! We can work with you to figure out what giving vehicle will work best for you.