Sponsorship Partners Program

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TOGETHER let's address the areas of greatest need!

Our Sponsorship Partners Program goes beyond meeting today’s needs. Through it, you help secure our community’s future by supporting key programs, events, and necessary services that care  for those in need, protect our community, and safeguard our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Our Sponsorship Partners Program offers diverse sponsorship options to maximize your impact in Western Mass., in Israel and around the world, while providing you with a targeted and highly engaged audience representing leaders in nearly every industry in our area.

We welcome your support at any level to help us continue to do good today, tomorrow, forever. Following are sponsorship opportunities that are currently available, but gifts of any level or size are warmly welcomed. See below for sponsorship level details.

2024 Sponsorship Levels

Packages can be customized to your needs.

Examples of additional options include:

*In-Kind Opportunities also available at each sponsorship level.