Take Action on Ceasefire in Gaza Resolutions

Read our statement on ceasefire in Gaza resolutions

Upcoming ceasefire in Gaza resolutions in Western Mass.

Greenfield, March 18 –Virtual special  meeting. 

  • City Council will consider and vote on an immediate and permanent ceasefire resolution.
  • Thirty minutes of public comment will be allowed. 
  • Zoom link will be available prior to the meeting.
  • Click here to read a draft of the resolution.
  • Greenfield residents! Click here to find a list of Greenfield councilors to email and tell them how you feel about this resolution and why 


  • A ceasefire resolution has been submitted to the Council by Council President Homar Gomez and Councilor at-large Koni Denham. Next step is that it goes to the Rules Committee. From there it goes back to the council for consideration and vote.

Why ceasefires do not help the hostages held by Hamas or Palestinians?

Western Massachusetts municipalities are trying to pass ceasefire resolutions and while these are well intended, a ceasefire is not a good option for Israel and Palestinians.

Comments from leaders on why a ceasefire is not good for Israel: