Shabbat Shalom from CEO Nora Gorenstein

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Dear Friend,

Just a few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending the General Assembly, a gathering by Jewish Federations of North America and leaders from across the full spectrum of Jewish partners and supporters. In response to what I learned and reflected on together with our Jewish Federation President Robyn Newhouse, I wrote a brief reflection on the experience, which was published in yesterday’s edition of The Republican as well as on MassLive. I hope you will take a moment to see the excerpt below, and then read the full article!

“For thousands of years of tradition, text, and Jewish life, antisemitism has cast a pall over religion. What has kept us strong is knowing who we are, how we express our identity, and why — to stand for ourselves, others, and future generations.”

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In response to the challenges we face, I hope we will continue to rise up and be a visible force for good and positivity, and that is the theme of our Jewish Federation during the coming Hanukkah season. We have received a grant from Shine a Light on Antisemitism, a national initiative to spotlight modern-day antisemitism and anti-Zionism. It draws from the story of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, to champion the message that one small light can dispel darkness and hatred.

Next week, we will share some very exciting and powerful updates about what we are accomplishing together as a community, and what we can all look forward to this month in Hanukkah celebrations and learning experiences. I am thrilled with all that we have put together, and look forward to sharing more detail soon!

Annual Meeting Reminder:

Our upcoming Annual Meeting will be held on Dec. 15 at JGS Lifecare, including a 6:30-7pm “mingle and nosh” which will precede the 7-8pm meeting. Our agenda for the evening includes presentations of highlights from the past year, priorities of the year ahead, recognition of past leadership, and the vote to approve nominees for 2023.

Please take a moment to register now and consider making a contribution to the Annual Campaign when you register. Your support of the 2022 Annual Campaign enables us as a community to meet the needs of the year ahead, and we will be prepared to respond to whatever 2023 may hold in store. All donors to the current 2022 Annual Campaign are members of our Jewish Federation and entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting.

I hope to see you there to share my appreciation for all we have accomplished together!

Shabbat shalom,

Nora Gorenstein
Chief Executive Officer

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