Springfield Jewish Community Center

Look at that face.

This is the face of the little people at the JCC Early Learning Center. See how proudly she holds her Torah. Ask her and she will tell you that the Torah holds all the important stories of the Jewish people. She will tell you that everything you need to know is right there in that scroll. The children here have a love of learning, a love of books and most importantly a love for each other. In An Ethical Start (the teachings of Pirkei Avot) we all learn, Hillel says: ”Do not separate yourself from the community” (Chapter 2 Mishna 5). It is this notion of togetherness that we bring to the children and families of the JCC. This is what being in a Jewish place brings to all that enter it thanks, in part, to the support of the Jewish Federation.

To learn more about the SJCC, click this link to visit their website springfieldjcc.org