Federation in the news: Daily Hampshire Gazette 5/10/23

Easthampton councilor files ‘first-of-its-kind’ resolution calling on city, religious leaders, schools to take a stand against antisemitism

EASTHAMPTON — Whether it’s swastikas and “gas the Jews” messages appearing along the summit of Mount Tom, racist and antisemitic slurs spray-painted on trees at a conservation area, or racial comments on social media directed at a city councilor, Easthampton is no stranger to discrimination against Jewish people.

Nor is the city isolated, as reports of discrimination, vandalism, violence and harassment against Jewish people continue to climb to record highs throughout all of New England.

But the city may soon take an unprecedented stand against antisemitism if the City Council approves a first-of-its-kind resolution put forth by At-Large City Councilor Owen Zaret last week that denounces antisemitism in all forms and calls on elected officials, faith leaders and other community members to do the same.