Federation in the news: Daily Hampshire Gazette 1/04/23

Jewish Federation reviving Ride to Provide fundraiser

KEVIN GUTTING Rabbi Saul Perlmutter is retiring after exactly 40 years as director of the Hillel House at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Here he chats with UMass junior Gila Goldstein and UMass alum Natan Theiss in Hillel’s Kavanah Garden talking about the derivation of the hebrew word “Kavanah” which is roughly translated as “with purpose.”

AMHERST — After an eight-year hiatus, a former annual fundraising event by the University of Massachusetts Hillel that helped support local, national and international service projects, will be making its return.

Through a partnership with UMass Hillel, the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts will be taking over and expanding the Ride to Provide event, said Nora Gorenstein, CEO of the federation, at the organization’s annual meeting in December.

“This year we made great strides operationally and within the community and we look forward to working with our local partners on the Ride to Provide and other initiatives that we will be announcing in the coming months,” Gorenstein said in a statement.