The community calendar is still a work in progress, but already we have heard good things from the community:

“Thank you for listing our events and making them look so beautiful… thank you for being so proactive and trying to create from the get go a system that would make it easier for everyone” 
– Andrea, Congregation Sons of Zion

“I absolutely love the ease and brilliance of the new submission process and the design.” 
– Rabbi Riqi, Beit Ahavah

“This sounds great!” 
– Lori, JFSWM

– Rabbi Yafa, Harold Grinspoon Foundation

“Wow looks great.”
– Rochel, LYA

“We so appreciate this new template for submitting events to the Community Calendar. This is so much more user friendly. Thank you.”
-Linda, JCA

PLEASE Give us your thoughts on the Community Calendar: