Celebrate Israel’s 70th Anniversary with a Mission — a Federation Mission.

Israel Anniversary Mission: October 17, 2018 to October 24, 2018 (Includes Participation in JFNA’s General Assembly)

Witness firsthand the impact our work has on the country we helped establish. Throughout your journey, you’ll taste the earth of Israel and feel its storied paths beneath your feet, sip its wine and hold its fruit in your hand. You’ll meet real people, break bread, and discuss politics over steaming cups of coffee.

Put your ear to the heart of Israel – its people. Listen to their struggles and successes, their hopes and fears for the future, and share yours with them.

Day 1
Caesarea was once a storied port to rival Alexandria and Carthage. Gaze upon its past through the lens of the future; using Israel’s cutting-edge virtual reality technology, be transported to Herod’s Palace, the Hippodrome, and the ancient Roman amphitheater. Then spend the evening getting to know locals from Zichron Ya’akov, a town founded in 1882 by pioneers of the First Aliyah, and stay the night there at the acclaimed Elma Arts Hotel.

Day 2
In Haifa, visit Beit HaGefen, an Arab-Israeli cultural center that shares our dedication to promoting coexistence and tolerance through cultural, artistic, and community programs. Then travel to the nature preserve and gardens of Ramat Hanadiv, a living memorial to Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Dine at Mata’im, a Federation-supported restaurant that employs and mentors at-risk youth. And sample local wines with renowned Israeli winemaker Roni Saslove.

Day 3
All roads lead to Jerusalem.
Experience a deeper connection to Israel as we journey into Jerusalem. Travel by jeep up the Burma Road and retrace the steps of the 1940s Palmach fighters, the underground army of the nascent
Jewish State. Immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of Israelis and wander through the iconic Mahane Yehuda market. Mingle among locals as they eat, shop, work, and convene. Later, welcome Shabbat in the ancient Old City and enjoy a communal Kabbalat Shabbat service and dinner.

Day 4
Experience Shabbat in the world’s holiest city.
Attend morning services at a nearby synagogue and experience the unique beauty of Shabbat in Jerusalem. Or, embark on a different spiritual journey:
• Visit Masada, the ancient desert fortress and majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site overlooking the Dead Sea, to learn about the Jewish zealots who held strong to their identities during Roman rule.
• Take a walking tour of picturesque Yemin Moshe, the first modern Jewish neighborhood established outside the Old City walls.
• Participate in a bike tour to the 9/11 Memorial in the Jerusalem forest on the outskirts of the city to reflect on the cultural and diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Israel.

As Shabbat ends, gather on the terrace of the David Citadel Hotel for a beautiful Havdalah ceremony.
Later, relax or join an expedition to the famous Western Wall Tunnels.

Day 5
Venture south to the Gaza border.
Travel to the Black Arrow Memorial, overlooking the Gaza Strip, where you’ll hear from the former director of the Israeli Counterterrorism Bureau. Continue into the Negev and fully experience how Federation is revitalizing the desert, inspiring residents, and bringing communities together. Enjoy an authentic Moroccan lunch with our partners at Hamakom, a community initiative where North African culture is expressed through song, art, and food. Then tour Sderot with residents of Netiv HaAsara — the community closest to the Gaza Strip — to discuss life on the border and how our work sustains it.

Day 6 &7
Welcome to Federation’s seminal event — for the first time in Tel Aviv! Communities from around the world will come together to deepen our mutual understanding of one another — putting you at the epicenter of dialogue between Diaspora and Israeli Jews.

Share coffee, conversation, and viewpoints with Israeli philanthropists, intellectuals, and activists. Hear from renowned religious, cultural, and political thought leaders from around the globe on topics that most impact our Jewish world.

Day 8
Return from your trip feeling connected — to Israel, to Israelis, to your global Jewish community, and to your Jewish values and identity. There’s no place like home.

Subsidies are available. Contact our office at 413-737-4313 for more info.