CEO Message 2/10/2019

From the desk of Stewart Bromberg

Dear Friends,

Some weeks seem to pass quicker than others. My experience has been that there are usually two reasons for this; the week is filled with exciting meetings and programs that result in wonderful progress, or issues and challenges overpower everything else we are trying to accomplish. This week has been one of wonderful progress.

Monday afternoon began with a meeting with the co-chairs of the task force created four years ago to work towards the implementation of a Community Demographic Study. I shared a bit of this in last week’s letter, but the meeting this week was full of excitement. As I promised, I will continue to provide updates of our progress in this area and share the excitement as we define our goals and methodology with the community in future letters.

In our continuing efforts to improve our efficiencies and the services we provide to the community, we are weeks away from the first major improvement in our relationship management program which will enable us to provide quicker and more accurate information when we are talking to our donors and supporters. We will also feel more confident that we are providing you with accurate information. This has been in the works for over a year and the ‘Go Live’ date is just around the corner.

Also this week, we have made a commitment to upgrade the software we use to track our Endowment, Planned Giving, and Donor Advised Funds. Not only will this result in both databases being able to communicate with each other, but we will be able to offer our donors the ability to electronically check the balances of their accounts and, with Donor Advised Funds, allow donors to send their suggestions for donations to approved non-profit organizations electronically and receive an automatic acknowledgement regarding the status of their requests. This will not replace our commitment to be available to help everyone who requests this, nor will this replace personal contact and correspondence with our donors. These connections remain very important to us, and will continue.

On Friday, March 1, 2019, there will be a Community Shabbat Dinner. There will be Shabbat Services available at B’nai Torah beginning at 5:20 and also a combined Shabbat Service presented by both Temple Beth El and Sinai Temple beginning at 6:15 and taking place at Sinai Temple. Everyone is invited to attend the Community Shabbat Dinner beginning at 7:15 being hosted at B’nai Torah. Please watch for more information arriving soon.

As I have said previously, there is a lot to learn, see, and love about living Jewishly in western Massachusetts. We can work together to be welcoming to all, encourage support, and provide assistance to those who lean on us, to help them make it through tough times.


Please help us change the future of the world by contributing to our campaign. We remain committed to help you help support our communities in ways that are relevant to you. Give us a call at 413-737-4313 and share your passions with us. I guarantee there are many opportunities in our community for you to have a positive impact on something you are passionate about. Let us help you find it. Thank you for your continued support.


Stew Bromberg, CFRE
CEO, Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts